Grace Church of The Nazarene 
Portage, Indiana



  Grace Church of The Nazarene 
Portage, Indiana



Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost    November 15, 2020

The Parable of the Talents

Scripture:  Matthew 25:13-40

Act 1
Scene 1
Introduction   (v. 14)
Scene 2
The Responsibility  (v. 15)
Scene 3
The Reliability  (v. 16-18)
Act 2
Scene 1
The Accountability  (v. 19)
Scene 2  (v. 20)
The Reward(s) for Faithfulness  (v. 21-23)
Scene 3
Scene 4  (v. 24-25)
Scene 5
The Severe Rebuke for Unfaithfulness  (v. 26-27)
Scene 6  (v. 28-30)
Applications to be made…

1.     My opinion of the master is that:

2.     When Jesus talks in this parable about “talents,” what is he refer-ring to?

3.     How would you have felt if you were the one to receive only one talent?

4.     What happened to the two servants who doubled their investment?

5.     Why did the servant with one talent hide his talent?

6.     What was Jesus saying to the two servants who doubled their in-vestment?

7.     Why was the master so hard on the servant who hid his talent?

8.     One of the best ways to figure out what God wants you to do with your life is to take a look at your abilities and assets.  With what has God blessed you?  Finish this sentence:  “I am good at…”

9.     What is your favorite excuse for not using your talents?

10.   What do you need to get you started?

--from The NIV Serendipity Bible for Study Groups